Hablame Como La Lluvia

This film was adapted from a play by Tennessee Williams.
1992–1993 – Short – Fiction – Super 8 mm – Colour – Mono
Runtime: 24’ minutes
Language: Spanish
Script Adaptation, Direction, Art Direction and Cinematography: Geppe Monrós
With Inma Ochoa & Pepe Pereza
Text synchrony in shooting: Merche Ochoa
Music: Anuska
This was my first film and it was selected in several festivals.

Under the heat before the storm in the summertime, a boy wakes up in the morning. He has been missing for two days. His girlfriend has been waiting for him for ….

Here you can watch a 6′ 41″ summary.

We experimented with many aspects:
We stuck sand on all surfaces and objects (except on fabric) to add more grain to everything except the actors. Adding the set grain to the super 8 makes the characters appear sharper. All filming was done in low light to create an image with pictorial style called “chiaroscuro”. It worked well in super 8 mm but turned very dark when we passed it to video.
We incorporated the difficulty of synchronising sound in super 8 and the fact that the characters had the same conversation, always to internalize the voice most of the time. So we rehearsed a week with voice, while actress Merche Ochoa memorized text and interpretation of the two characters and a second week where actors acted the same but without talking whilst Merche interpreted the text from behind the camera. Therefore we could synchronize the camera with the actors.
To get a dreamlike feeling, when she is explaining her dream, there is a time where the actress acted nearly twice as fast, and the camera filmed twice faster, so slow motion effect is nearly eliminated but persists a bit, giving “volatility dream ” to the character ….. it worked.
Thanks to all the team and everyone who helped.