Abandoned? film

Abandoned? o ¿Abandonado?

I directed, wrote, produced and filmed this feature length documentary film with 2 original versions in English & Spanish.
2013 – Documentary film – HD – Color 16:9 – Stereo
Runtime: 57’ and 65’ minutes versions
Written and directed by: Geppe Monrós
Music by: Ian Briton
Edited by: Dragomir Bajalica
Photos by: Julia Clay & Geppe Monrós
Cinematography: Geppe Monrós
Animations and graphic design: Julia Clay
Executive Producer: Geppe Monrós
Executive Producer for T.V.E.: Andrés Luque Pérez
Country: Spain
Produced by: Neien Media SCP and TVE, Televisión Española

Film festivals selections and award

• FICMA Latin America 2015: FICMA tour of Latin America, 2015
• OLOT.DOC Spain: 10th International Documentary Festival. Olot. March 2015
• Overlook 2014, Italy: 5th Cinema Avenire Film Festival, Rome. December 2014
• FICMA, Spain: Environmental International Film Festival, Barcelona. November 2014
• BICC Ronda 2014: 27th Edition of the Biennial International Scientist Film (BICC), Multiple sites in Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, México, Costa Rica and Colombi. Autumn 2014
• INTERNATIONAL MOVIE AWARDS, Indonesia: Jakarta. GOLD AWARD. September 2014
• FESTIVER 2014, Colombia: Festival de Cine Verde, Barichara. September 2014
• Mpumalanga International Film Festival, South Africa, August 2014
• 30th Festroia, Portugal: 30th International Festroia Film Festival, June 2014
• ESPIELLO XII, Spain: Ethnographic Documentary International Festival, Sobrarbe. April 2014


Abandoned? film posters
Abandoned? film posters


A journey exploring the beauty and transformation of abandoned places in Europe. These places hide much beauty, evocation and historical charge. We have the capacity to conserve, transform and reuse such places thus reducing the pressures of urban growth on the environment and preserving our heritage and cultural identity.
Does anywhere exist that is truly abandoned?

Abandoned? is a documentary film I did with Julia Clay (and with the rest of the team later) as part of the Abandoned? Project. Most footage was filmed with Julia whilst travelling in a camper van for 13 months through 24 European countries during 2009-2010. It was an amazing adventure combining the film production with the Abandoned? photography project. We did 35 interviews, many hours of of video takes and 40.000 photos between us. Our son Kai was the third result of the journey!
The visual treatment was a bit limited with a 2 person team but that is compensated by the great variety of locations (around 1000) that we visited.
The film has been selected at 10 international film festivals and it won a gold medal at one.
It was screened at a cinema in Barcelona once a week for 3 months during the Autumn of 2013. Around a million people have now seen it on public Spanish TV (La 2, TVE).
Thanks to all the team and the individuals, companies and institutions that supported the project.