English (British): very fluent.
Castellano – Spanish: native
Français – French: native
Català – Catalan: native

I was born in the Pyrenees surrounded by different cultures, languages and creativity. My education was in my 3 native tongues; Catalan, Spanish and French with English added early on and incorporated into my private, academic and professional life.
I am a multifaceted person who has had many roles within the arts, audio visual and theatrical worlds, such as; film director, producer, scriptwriter, photographer and actor.
My special blend of cultures, languages and film making experience naturally led me to focus and deepen my skills as a translator and subtitler. Today I mainly dedicate my time to this work although I am always open to interesting project proposals that make use of my other skills and experience.

credits & training

Producer (4 credits)

2013 Abandoned? / ¿Abandonado? by Geppe Monrós (Documentary feature. 2 original versions in Spanish and English).
2001 Paipe by Geppe Monrós (science-fiction 35mm 31′ short) Co-production: Neien Films S.A.R.L (France) and Salto de Eje S.L. (Spain).
1993-2019 Alan, The Nun by Geppe Monrós with CECC (Creative documentary. 30′).
1993 Hablame Como la Lluvia (Talk to Me Like the Rain) by Geppe Monrós (Fiction, short).

Director (6 credits)

2013 Abandoned? /¿Abandonado? (Documentary feature).
2001 Paipe (science-fiction 35mm short).
1995 Groc i Negre (Yellow and Black) (short, co-directed with Artur Galloso).
1993-2019 Alan, The Nun (Creative documentary. 30′).
1993 Hablame Como la Lluvia (Talk to Me Like the Rain) (Short).
1991 Talento natural para el cortometraje (Natural Talent for Short Films),
co-directed with Mikel Baixauli, Juanjo Giménez , and others. (Short, CECC).

Writer (7 credits)

2013 Abandoned? / ¿Abandonado? (Documentary feature).
2001 Paipe (science-fiction short). Script + storyboard.
1994 Diario de un vampiro (Diary of a Vampire) by Pepe Pereza (Short).
Script adaptation and storyboard.
1995 Groc i Negre (Yellow and Black) with Artur Galloso (short).
1993-2019 Alan, The Nun (Creative documentary. 30′).
1993 Hablame como la lluvia (Talk to Me Like the Rain) (Short).
1991 Talento natural para el cortometraje (short, with Mikel Baixauli, Juanjo Giménez,

Editor (3 credits)

1993-2016 Alan, The Nun (Creative documentary) (still in process)
2001 Paipe (science-fiction short)
1993 Hablame como la lluvia (Short)

Production Manager / Executive Producer (3 credits)

2013 Abandoned? / ¿Abandonado? (Documentary feature)
Executive Producer as Jose Ramon Montserrat Rosell for Neien Media SCP and P.M.
with Andrés Luque Pérez as Executive Producer for T.V.E.
1995 Groc i Negre (Yellow and Black), short by Artur Galloso and Geppe Monrós . E.P.
1995 No se mueva durante los 4 disparos (Don’t Move During the 4 Shots),
short by Juanjo Giménez, P.M.

Cinematographer (2 credits)

2013 Abandoned? (Documentary feature).
1993 Hablame como la lluvia (Talk to Me Like the Rain) (Short).

Art Director (1 credit)

1993 Hablame como la lluvia (Talk to Me Like the Rain) (Short).

1st Assistant Director (2 credits)

1994 Hora de cerrar (Closing Time) by Juanjo Giménez (short).
1993 J.V. By Isabel Gardela (short).

Still Photography (1 credit)

2013 Abandoned? / ¿Abandonado? with Julia Clay (Documentary feature).

Direct Sound (1 credit)

2013 Abandoned? / ¿Abandonado? (Documentary feature).

Miscellaneous Crew (6 credits)

1998 Festival Video Estavar-Llivia: Selection Committee member.
1997-1998 Festival Video Estavar-Llivia: Delegate in Barcelona.
1995 Laia, el regal d’aniversari (Laia, The Anniversary Gift) by Jordi Frades (feature, TV movie): Production Assistant.
1995 Malena by Diana Machado (short): Production Assistant.
1995-1996 Tot Seguit (Next), TV Magazine by Manam Productions for ‘La 2’ (TVE, Spain):
Scriptwriter, Scriptwriters Team Selector, Creative and Executive Teams Adviser.
1994 Tras la ventana (Behind the Window) by Monica Rumeu (short): Production Assistant.
1991-1993 Metropolitan Art Casting (BCN). Camera Operator and Casting Direction Adviser.

Production Companies

2012 Neien Media S.C.P. (Barcelona, Spain). Founding Partner and Manager.
1998 Neien Films S.A.R.L. (Bourg Madame, France). Founding Partner and Manager.
1995 Salto de Eje SL (Barcelona, Spain). Founding Partner.
1993 Collective Salto de Eje (Crossing the Action Line), Cultural Association (Barcelona).
Founding Partner.

Commercial Video Maker

1995-2009 Film, still photography and edition of video books or reels for models, actors, painters, artists, theatre plays, NGO’s. As well as for industrial, corporate and institutional videos.


1997 First price. Ecological Photography Contest: L’altra cara de Cerdanya
(The Other Face of Cerdanya), Pyrenees, given by DEPANA (Environmental NGO) and the Cerdanya County Council.
1988-2019 Artistic photography.
1995-2009 Commercial photography.

Actor - Films (11 credits)

2015-2016 False Friends II by Tunde Longmore (short): main character.
2009 Estigmas (Stigmas) by Adan Aliaga (feature): supporting actor, body at the morgue.
1997 Los dias de Figaro (The Days of Figaro) by Enric Miró (short): supporting actor.
1996 Salta (Jump) by Jose Párraga (short): supporting actor.
1995 Gambito (Small Prawn) by Menna Fité (short): supporting actor.
1992 No et tallis ni un pèl (Don’t Hold Back) by Francesc Casanova (feature): supporting actor.
1992 Barcelona 27 by Ismael Ferrer (short): main character.
1992 L’ull viu (The Smart Eye) by Josep Puigvert (short): supporting actor.
1992 Cronica accidental (Accidental Chronicle) by Joan Guinart (short): supporting actor.
1992 El sueño de la marioneta (The Puppet’s Dream) by Miquel Baixauli (short): main character.
1992 Mi calle desde arriba (My Street From Above) by juanjo Giménez (short): main character.

Actor - Theatre (3 credits)

2017-2018 La maleta – The Suitcase – By F-art Group. Main roles, writing and direction shared with Alex Armesto and Adrian P. Smith. Bilingual play (English-Spanish) performed at Ateneu La Flor de Maig (May Flower, Barcelona).
1991–1992 La vida perdurable (The Enduring Life) by Narcis Comadira, directed by Boris Rotenstein. III FESTIVAL DE TARDOR (III AUTUMN FESTIVAL) in Barcelona and gigs all over Catalonia: Direction Assistant, Councillor and supporting actor.
1991-1993 Ensayo de espectáculo de “El sueño de una noche de verano’’ (Show Rehearsal of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’). Directed by Boris Rotenstein. A –TAK Company, Barcelona. A 3 hour 30’ long spectacle, bilingual (Spanish-Catalan) in verse: Main actor (coral) and Company Agent.


2019 Subtitling in Spanish from English for cinema and television
(Trágora Formación, Granada, Spain).
2017-2018    General English-Spanish Translation (International House, Barcelona).
1991-1993 Film Direction – (Centre for Cinematographic Studies of Catalonia).
1988-1992 Acting Art, Prof. Boris Rotenstein (Stanislavski system) – Col.legi de Teatre (The Theatre School, Barcelona).
1989 Script writing – C.I.E.J (Youth Initiatives and Experimentation Centre, Barcelona).
1989 Acting Art – Máscara Neutra, Prof. Berti Tobias (Lecoq Sistem) – Col.legi de Teatre
1988 First Direction Assistance and Production for cinema and video – Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and E.U. Fund, Barcelona.
1988-1989 Photography – A.C.F. (Catalan Photography Association, Barcelona).
1988-1989 Acting Art, Prof. Nancy Tuñón (Inspired by the Stanislavskiy system and the Strasberg method (Actor’s Studio) – Nancy Tuñon Studio in Barcelona.
1988-1989 Movimiento teatral (Theatrical movement for actors), Prof. Anne Mithelholzer – El Timbal (Barcelona).
1978-1986 B.U.P. + C.O.U. (secondary school) at I.N.B. Emperador Carlos & Col.legi Sagrat Cor, both in Barcelona). In Spanish and Catalan.
1969-1978 Certificat d’etudes and EGB (French and Spanish Primary school) at Ecole Française Ferdinand De Lesseps, Barcelona