I trained and worked as an actor until 1997, when I focused more behind the camera. A few years ago I returned to acting in theatre and cinema.

Films (11 credits)

2015-2016 False Friends II by Tunde Longmore (short): main character.
2009 Estigmas (Stigmas) by Adan Aliaga (feature): supporting actor, body at the morgue.
1997 Los dias de Figaro (The Days of Figaro) by Enric Miró (short): supporting actor.
1996 Salta (Jump) by Jose Párraga (short): supporting actor.
1995 Gambito (Small Prawn) by Menna Fité (short): supporting actor.
1992 No et tallis ni un pèl (Don’t Hold Back) by Francesc Casanova (feature): supporting actor.
1992 Barcelona 27 by Ismael Ferrer (short): main character.
1992 L’ull viu (The Smart Eye) by Josep Puigvert (short): supporting actor.
1992 Cronica accidental (Accidental Chronicle) by Joan Guinart (short): supporting actor.
1992 El sueño de la marioneta (The Puppet’s Dream) by Miquel Baixauli (short): main character.
1992 Mi calle desde arriba (My Street From Above) by juanjo Giménez (short): main character.

Theatre (3 credits)

2017-2018 La maleta – The Suitcase – By F-art Grup. Main roles, writing and direction shared with Alex Armesto and Adrian P. Smith. Bilingual play (English-Spanish) performed at Ateneu La Flor de Maig (May Flower, Barcelona).
1991–1992 La vida perdurable (The Enduring Life) by Narcis Comadira, directed by Boris Rotenstein. III FESTIVAL DE TARDOR (III AUTUMN FESTIVAL) in Barcelona and gigs all over Catalonia: Direction Assistant, Councillor and supporting actor.
1991-1993 Ensayo de espectáculo de “El sueño de una noche de verano’’ (Show Rehearsal of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’). Directed by Boris Rotenstein. A –TAK Company, Barcelona. A 3h 30’ long spectacle, bilingual (Spanish-Catalan) in verse:
Main actor (coral) and Company Agent.