translator: main pair EN > ES 

and also FR > ES, CAT > ES,  ES > CAT

I’ve been surrounded by languages all my life so translation comes very naturally to me.


2017-2018    General English-Spanish translation (International House, Barcelona).
I successfully completed this 120 hour course. It was taught online with a personal tutor. The course included the study of the theoretical principles, the methodology and the specific aspects of translation from English into Spanish of journalistic, technical, commercial, legal, scientific, literary and humanistic texts.

2019 Subtitling in Spanish from English for cinema and television (Trágora Formación, Granada)
I successfully completed this 80 hour course. It was taught online with a personal tutor. The course included the study of the theoretical principles, the methodology and the specific translating and technical aspects of  subtitling from English into Spanish. During the course we learned to use subtitling programs as Subtitle Workshop, Aegisub, VirtualSubSync or VirtualDub and we worked on subtitling fiction films,  documentary  films, TV series and reports.

Translating Experience

Since 2009 I have been writing, translating and posting tri-lingual content (in English, Spanish and Catalan) for the multidisciplinary project called Abandoned?
My work included; creating all content and updates for the project’s website, writing a year-long travel blog in English, Catalan and Spanish that I updated each week and also creating and translating the many dossiers, presentations and promotional work the project needed to enter film festivals, secure project funding and to promote the exhibitions and workshops.

I was the Producer, Director and scriptwriter of the feature length documentary film called Abandoned? that was screened at the cinema for 3 months as well as being shown on national Spanish TV on 4 occasions.  It has a Spanish and English original version. I auditioned, directed and coordinated the film’s team of translators and it’s English and Spanish voice over artists. I also did the subtitles for both versions.


• I was brought up in the Pyrenees with 3 native languages; Catalan, Spanish and French.
• I attended primary school in French with some Spanish, then later secondary school in Spanish and Catalan. In both cases with English learnt as a foreign language.
• I have had several English girlfriends and many English friends.
• Since 2008 I have lived with my English wife in Barcelona and we have an eight-year-old son together who has dual Spanish-English nationality.
• Most of my social life is with English speakers and I also go to the UK several times a year.
• I have taught English conversation to groups of intermediate level ESL students.
• I have worked as a scriptwriter for documentaries, fictional films and theatrical productions in Spanish, Catalan, French and English.
• I am very skilled at summarising texts.
• I worked in the hospitality and leisure industry for many years, attending to the public in the 4 languages that I speak

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